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It’s getting heated, but social media combatants are arguing over little price movements in cryptocurrency – especially Bitcoin – and it’s a shame, since they’re distracted and completely missing the point!

They’re watching the wrong indicators and they’re utterly unaware of the technologies that will change everything.

Take quantum computing as a prime example of this. Those talking heads tweeting away on social media couldn’t tell you the first thing about this. They have no clue that right now Google’s got a quantum computer that can solve in 200 seconds flat a problem which the world’s most powerful traditional computer would take 10,000 years to solve.

This computer can crack military-encrypted computers. It can do it in milliseconds. That is the force of private enterprise versus the government: nothing is better than a free market at promoting innovation.

The next phases of cleaner energy powered by nuclear fusion won’t be brought to you by the government’s technology, but by quantum computing and the brilliance of free enterprise.

The blockchain is an even clearer example of how the power of the people can easily outdo the government’s lame attempts. While American regulators are teasing us with hints at approving a Bitcoin ETF, Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex is forging ahead with an announcement that their users in Europe will be able to purchase crypto with both credit and debit cards.

Bitfinex will also allow these users to buy crypto with instant-transfer platforms including Sofort, iDeal and GiroPay. But adding credit and debit cards is a quantum leap forward because not everyone wants to use these asset-transfer methods. They’re doing what government’s won’t do and, by definition, can’t do: adapt.

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As governments struggle to convince you and me that inflation needs to “run hot” and “play catch-up,” they’re hell-bent on letting their fiat currency decline in value until there’s nothing left for the consumer. At least China is officially embracing blockchain technology – that’s a smart move. They know what’s coming and unfortunately for the U.S., China’s getting a head start.

They’re preparing for the “crypto flip,” which is inevitable even if some governments can’t see it. How long will it be before cryptocurrency replaces fiat paper money as the world’s dominant form of currency? Sooner than 99% of people think.

Again, China could lead the way and America will have to play catch-up. There are 775 million people employed in China – think of the number of financial transactions that will be carried out once they’ve perfected their blockchain. Naturally, that will provide a strong headwind for crypto in general.

Courtesy: Cointelegraph

We’re already past the fear phase and Bitcoin is holding its ground easily now.

Experts predict that by the year 2025, only 20 regional or national fiat currencies will survive. With the expansion trajectory of the blockchain, there might not even be that many left by 2025. I’m not saying that every cryptocurrency will survive, either – don’t count on that happening. But the big ones, including Bitcoin, will have a heyday that will last for generations.

Bitcoin will even take market share from gold – I’m not saying that anything can actually replace gold, but suffice it to say that gold isn’t the only safe haven out there. Here’s what the data indicates could take place:

  • Following Bitcoin’s price channel since 2013, its price can hit $200,000 to $250,000 as soon as next year. 
  • In that scenario, Bitcoin could take 50% of gold’s global market share. 
  • That would amount to a total market cap of $4.5 billion for Bitcoin. 
  • The Bitcoin halving event (a 50% reduction in the per-block Bitcoin mining reward) in May means that this can happen as soon as 2020.

 Much like gold, Bitcoin is scarce and the halving event will make it more precious than ever. Practically everyone wants a piece of the action: giant banks, billionaires, fund managers… Even the avowed haters secretly want to get in on it so they can build wealth within months instead of years.

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