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Even though the Federal Reserve’s tightening cycle happened just a year ago, you’d think it was a million years ago by the way they’re behaving today. The combination of POMO (Permanent Open Market Operations, which is the Fed buying massive amounts of bonds) and FOMO (investors’ Fear of Missing Out on more market gains) is pushing stocks to nosebleed levels.

When the FED buys all government bonds and pays with cash, it’s flooding the banking system with liquidity – and they’ve been on a manic buying spree lately; the FED’s balance sheet has increased by nearly $300 billion in less than two months’ time. Chairman Jerome Powell can look us in the eyes and tell us that this is “not QE” but of course the stock market went higher because nobody believes him.

We’ve witnessed other central banks around the world doing this, but America can’t tolerate the competition and so the FED has become more aggressive and more desperate than ever. They’ve overcorrected with three consecutive interest-rate cuts, but lately the yields have drifted back up; in fact, 10-year real Treasury yields are 30 to 35 basis points higher than they were during the previous quarter.

The last couple of times an increase in real 10-year Treasury yields happened, the stock market sold off, so expect volatility before the year comes to a close:

Courtesy: Zerohedge

Three-in-a-row rate cuts, the global liquidity injection and the “Not-QE” QE gave the markets a heck of a party. It’s time to start looking at out-of-the-box ideas for strong returns in an uncertain market.

To this end, our team has been looking into a niche market with tremendous potential. This is the newest and most incredible addition to the recreational nutrition revolution – it’s where cannabis was in 2013, and you have a chance to get in first, with potentially thousands of percent in gains coming.

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Mushrooms have offered health and therapeutic benefits for many years; it is a completely underappreciated subsector of the international functional-foods market – but it won’t stay under the radar for much longer. Just like everything has CBD injected into it nowadays, expect stores to stock their shelves with medicinal-mushroom-enhanced products in 2020 and 2021.

There have already been clinical trials to demonstrate mushrooms’ benefits and more scientific research is in progress right now – but of course the mainstream media isn’t reporting on this yet. By the time you see it in the financial headlines, prices will be much higher, just like some of the more famous cannabis stocks are today.

Courtesy: Whole Foods Market

Just as millennials welcomed the green wave of CBD products with open arms and open wallets, medicinal and therapeutic mushroom edibles will be the next big thing in health and wellness products.

We’re already seeing this trend bubbling under the surface, as Whole Foods Market is already selling functional mushroom edible products, including drinks, coffees, smoothies, teas, and even mushroom-infused shower gels and hair-care products.

What’s relatively unknown today will be trendy next year, and functional mushroom products will bring in huge revenues – possibly even more than what CBD is doing today. Keep an eye on this niche as it develops into a full-blown market, poised for growth and, if you’re early enough, ripe for big profits.

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