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Populism is reaching critical mass levels on both the left and the right, so it’s getting hard to see the truth in a haze of anger and political warfare. Regardless of what our political leanings might be, we’re ultimately all in the same boat because if the global economy tanks soon – and that’s where the indicators are pointing ­– then no one leaves it unscathed.

The signs are all there – you don’t have to look very far to see them. Corporations and investors are pouring money into ventures that aren’t even profitable. Go ahead and pull up the charts of UberLyft, and Beyond Meat and you’ll see how those investments are bleeding money – not to mention the embarrassing failure of the WeWork IPO, which lost many millions for angel investor, SoftBank.

But everybody’s still spending and hoping for the best; the Fed is now admitting that the consumer is what’s holding up the economy for the time being. Of course, it’s also getting CPR in the form of emergency overnight repurchase operations, in which the Fed injects billions of dollars into the cash-strapped banking system via massive Treasury purchases.

Sound finance has been replaced entirely with government-induced debt spending. And it’s a whole lot of debt: up to $23 trillion now, while the U.S. federal deficit in fiscal 2019 increased 26% year-over-year to $984 billion, the biggest percentage gap in seven years.

Courtesy: CBO, OMB,

Regardless of who is president a year from now, the system will favor the ultra-wealthy elites because they thrive in this debt-based monetary system. As long as you and your family owe them money, they get to retain their power and control – simple as that.

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Tapped-out pension funds, unmet healthcare liabilities, Social Security and other safety nets – they’ve designed a system to keep you dependent on the state, which only deepens and widens the gap between the wealthy and the middle class.

Funding these programs will require at least one of these ugly alternatives: 

  • Raise taxes. Some politicians will tell you that only the wealthy would be taxed under their proposal, but history shows that it never actually pans out that way. 
  • Slash benefits and entitlements. That’s political suicide, so don’t count on that happening. And if it does happen, the wealth gap would widen even further than it already has. 
  • Print more money to cover expenses in the near term, with little concern about the long-term ramifications.

It’s self-evident that money printing will continue to be the go-to policy for America’s government and central bank irrespective of who’s in charge. Capitalism itself is under siege because it’s only working for the top 1% of the top 1%, while the working class is crushed under the weight of a broken system driven by debt, dependence, and consumerism.

The endgame will be nasty – mark my words on this. I genuinely hope that you’re taking measures to protect your household because we’re all standing on quicksand. Runaway debt got us into this snafu, and it sure as hell won’t get us out.

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Thomas Hugh

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