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Politicians are OUTRAGED right now, seeing gold and Bitcoin up double digits in 2019, at the same time as the traditional stock market indices are down – but we’re making a fortune, betting that the world is headed into currency wars.

We not only called it first, but we pinpointed the timing of the move as well: neither Trump nor Xi could possibly back down now as the trade war has reached the point of no return, sending Bitcoin and gold up for breathtaking rallies, while the most sensitive stocks to Chinese trade restrictions got absolutely slammed.

The trade war has morphed into a currency war: as a hostile response to the Trump administration’s imposition of additional 10% tariffs on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports to commence on September 1st, the People’s Bank of China set the Yuan’s relative value below 7 per dollar for the first time in more than a decade.

There’s no slowing down in this war of protectionism as China has set off a political and economic firestorm: first they banned all imports of agricultural products from the U.S., and now they’re responding to President Trump’s dollar-devaluation strategy with their own currency manipulation scheme, which they’ve been doing for years:

Courtesy: ZeroHedge

The U.S. has called out China on their suppression of the Yuan, officially designating the nation as a currency manipulator. Both sides are guilty of this, and you can bet your bottom dollar that the currency-war games will persist through the rest of 2019 at least.

Most retail investors weren’t prepared for any of this. The American blue-chip market indices have rocked and reeled under the strain of the trade war, reacting with sensitivity and emotions instead of taking what’s clearly the right side of the trade: blockchain-backed digital assets and precious metals.

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Bitcoin trading volumes have surged around the world as investors watch the ugly currency battle play out – no need to pick a side when you can just sidestep the fiat currency war entirely and enjoy the cryptocurrency bull market, which is really only getting started. And it’s not just happening in China: with the U.S. imposing tougher sanctions on Venezuela, their citizens are increasingly turning to crypto as an escape route while their economy rapidly deteriorates.


Gold is already testing all-time highs against most world currencies like the Canadian dollar, and it’s only a matter of time before the U.S. dollar gets hammered into the ground, allowing both precious metals and cryptocurrency to soar even if the Dow Jones wobbles and wavers.

This is no time to trust the government with your hard-earned money, which is exactly what you’re doing if you hold large quantities of cash, bonds, or Dow stocks. You need to get your money “off the grid” if you’re going to thrive during the trade war.

And if you’re positioned properly, you can make a lot of money even during the scariest times – in fact, those can be your most profitable days. The currency war won’t end anytime soon, so strap in: ignore the noise and the madness of the crowds, and enjoy the ride.

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