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Their plan worked out perfectly: the top 1% made it almost impossible for the middle class to work their way out of debt. Many of them transitioned from comfortable lives to paycheck-to-paycheck survival and to utter despair. The elites – the Wall Street gang – actually managed to de-industrialize America, and they did it entirely for their own profit, at YOUR EXPENSE.
By outsourcing millions of jobs, they’ve turned the so-called “recovery” into a mockery; the financial crisis continues to hit home for Middle America. Lowe’s – which just announced the outsourcing of thousands of jobs with a focus on assembly workers, janitors, and other service staff – is just the latest example of the wave of offshoring that’s putting Americans out of work, while filling the coffers of corporate executives and rich shareholders.
They’re also replacing American workers with machines and robots – automation brings the nation a step closer to a dystopian, plutocratic future. Again, it’s Average Joe and Average Jane on the chopping block, with assembly workers, mechanics, office support staff, and food-service workers in jeopardy of losing their jobs if they haven’t already.
This is what The New America looks like: lack of quality jobs, little hope of escaping poverty, and no remedy for a crumbling empire as China and other world powers knock America off its lofty pedestal. The irony runs deep; in their frenzy to remain competitive, corporate elites have diminished America’s ability to compete against more productive, less divided nations.
Much of the blame is directed at China. The President’s aggressive actions against China embody the state of affairs, with a new round of tariffs threatening to end all attempts at reconciliation and open trade:

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It’s hard for middle-class America to prepare for the next 10 or 20 years when tomorrow isn’t even guaranteed. 

The government, of course, can’t afford to acknowledge the problems under the hood as they churn out rose-colored employment numbers to the public. The most recent Bureau of Labor Statistics report claimed an addition of 164,000 jobs in June – in line with expectations, sure, but a distraction and deflection of the truer, darker picture of American employment.

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What the Bureau didn’t want you to hear is that the average number of weekly hours worked has fallen again, this time to its lowest level since 2011.
Plus, the three-month payroll average increase was the slowest in almost two years; in other words, the “jobs added” figure veils the fact that Americans are working fewer hours and their paychecks aren’t increasing.

Courtesy: ZeroHedge
The result is a nation of multiple job holders: 7.855 million of them in May, 8.156 million in June, and now a new all-time high of 8.389 million Americans who hold multiple jobs in July. It’s a corporate elitist’s wet dream as Middle America has to work two, three, or even more jobs just to make ends meet.
And that’s The New America, a painful reminder of a nation’s potential squelched by corporate avarice and governmental inability – or worse yet, unwillingness – to serve the best interests of the millions that built a putative monument to freedom, once great but now struggling from the ground up.

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