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It’s not a small issue but an outright epidemic: inequality has spread like a virus throughout the world and America is no exception. No government-funded economic data can negate what you’re feeling and experiencing every single day – it’s harder than ever for the 99% of wage earners just to get by, not to mention get ahead.

Because of this, traditional models of earning and spending are shifting – and not in your favor. The peak earning and spending years for a typical American wage earner are now 45 to 54. It used to be earlier than that, but people are living longer and tragically, everybody nowadays has to put off retirement and work into their old age.

Expect this trend to continue in the 2020’s. For most Americans, retirement will be impossible and the peak earning and spending years will be later in life. If you don’t take major steps to prepare yourself today, working at 70 and 80 won’t just be a reality – it will be a necessity.

And don’t even think about entitlement programs like Social Security or a pension plan saving you. Those so-called safety nets are already heading towards complete insolvency and will easily be depleted by the time you’re approaching retirement age, which they’re going to keep pushing back because they know they can’t pay out the benefits.

This is a threat to the existence of the American Dream and the middle class; even beyond this, it’s a threat to America itself. For generations, Americans assumed that they would dominate the global economy indefinitely. China, however, is on track to overtake the U.S. as the world’s dominant economic force:


While America’s middle class is shrinking, China’s is just starting to emerge and it’s growing exponentially. They’re earning more than previous generations and have more opportunities; it’s basically a mirror of America after the Second World War, when the U.S. economy expanded rapidly and tremendous wealth was generated for anyone who bet on America (just ask Warren Buffett).

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A powerful combination of large-scale capital investment, drastic productivity growth, and increased domestic consumption means that China will be an unstoppable force regardless of how the current trade war turns out. Given the demographic shifts in the U.S. and China, the trade war will ultimately be a blip on the radar, nothing more.

There are serious investing opportunities out there in the East – with the world’s 2nd biggest stock and bond markets and an astounding rate of economic expansion, China today is like America a half-century ago for forward-thinking investors: 

  • $9.5 trillion equities market
  • $13.6 trillion bond market
  • Annual GDP growth averaging 9.5% throughout 2018
  • A major world exporter irrespective of trade wars
  • Owner of U.S. debt and other nations’ debts
  • Technology leader and innovator

The idea is not to pour all of your investable assets into China, but to broaden your horizons – and to focus on self-education. The facts and ideas I just told you will never be taught in school or given to you in the mainstream media. They have no vested interest in keeping you educated or encouraging critical thinking and skepticism.

They won’t help you get a real education, so reading and learning on your own is the only escape route as the walls close in on the American middle class. They’ll squeeze you to death if you let them – or you can choose to fight back, and knowledge is the only weapon you’ve got.

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Thomas Hugh

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