Global Expansion

Cannabis Hitting New Frontiers

Fortunes are made most assuredly when specific procedures are set in motion, as to bring about such durable competitive advantages that it becomes nearly impossible to eliminate the leader.

When I was sailing, this past summer, in Corfu, the only Greek Island that was never taken and occupied by the Ottoman Empire, we saw from our catamaran the moats that the Greeks built to shield themselves from the external threat.

In business, CEOs aspire to do the same thing; fortress their company from the nature of the free market to continuously drive prices down, by introducing new businesses to compete with existing ones.

Buffett has mastered, in fact, he has encapsulated the essence of sifting through thousands of private and public companies, finding, within his sphere of competence (insurance and traditional businesses), those select few stocks that possess unmatched advantages, moats.

Since I was first introduced, many years ago, to Buffett’s obsession with owning only those businesses that can weather storms, crush their peers, and grow disproportionately bigger than copycat companies, this has been my sole objective, as an entrepreneur and an investor.

One of the ultimate advantages is being FIRST. Another one is making it HARD for your clients to work with others over you, a strategy referred to as High Switching Costs. This strategy is responsible for making Bill Gates the richest man in the world for over 20 years, until Jeff Bezos came along and surpassed him, thanks to a combination of two additional competitive excellences, which are low costs, thanks to Economies of Scale (buying in large volumes reduces prices with vendors), and consumer loyalty, achieved by Brand Recognition.

The world’s three richest men’s fortunes can be boiled down to having the ability to:

  1. Be first to market: Microsoft and Amazon
  2. Make it difficult to turn to other companies: Everyone uses Windows and Office. Amazon has more offerings than any other store in the world
  3. Brand Loyalty: Buffett owns about 9.4% of Coca-Cola, 5% of Apple, and 17% of American Express.

Put together, Bezos, Buffett, and Gates are worth over $300B.

Eugene Beukman, CEO of ICC Intl Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF), has been a careful student of their fortunes because I detect clear markings of the Bezos, Buffett, and Gates hallmarks all over the acquisitions made by this recently gone public cannabis stock.

Mark my words – if the management follows through, by continuing to make sound decisions, on behalf of shareholders, this could be a grand slam investment.

Competitive Advantages

I’m accumulating a personal position in this company, and here’s why:

  1. It has secured the FIRST and ONLY medical-grade, cannabis cultivation license in Greece and is advancing the facility, as we speak.

  2. It has secured an EXCLUSIVE agreement with Cosmos Holdings, a distributor of pharmaceuticals to over 35,000 pharmacies, through its subsidiary, Global Marathon, to supply them with cannabis products.

  3. Through its Denmark-based, Danavian Cannabis, it holds one of ONLY twelve cultivation and manufacturing licenses in the country.

Compare that to the more progressive markets, like the U.S. or Canada, where there are far more licenses in existence and where competition is squeezing companies dry.

Europe is a bleep on the map, at this point, but its population base is TWICE that of North America.

This is my GO-TO company for global diversification in this space!

I have no doubt that I’ll be a long-term shareholder, as management aggressively pursues more and more opportunities to gain a foothold and be FIRST, contracting multi-year distribution agreements in place.

Consider Becoming a Shareholder of ICC Intl Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF)!

I’ve been waiting for a moment like this for several years.

The North American cannabis market is on fire, indeed. With Canada being a week away from full legalization and explosion in sales, and the U.S. market growing exponentially, competition is at its highest level, since cannabis was made legal in Colorado six years ago.

It’s a tough industry to operate in because you must have a tremendous advantage, a critical edge, over your peers to succeed.

The most brilliant talents are operating within Canada and U.S. territory, to build tomorrow’s biggest brands.

But, as you know, Canada is relatively a small country, with only 30 million inhabitants. In the U.S., companies are dealing with the outdated Federal ban on cannabis, which makes it difficult to scale nationally and reach 330 million people, especially when not all states have taken the initiative of updating legislation yet.

The U.S. market is certainly the mother lode, but finding undervalued opportunities is rare. In 2014, when I first invested in this sector, there were 28 stocks, which were bargains. Today there are only five attractively priced cannabis stocks, operating in the U.S. markets.

Therefore, I’ve used my connections to do the impossible. The message sent to my top contacts was that I wanted to turn back the clock four years, to a time when no one was talking about cannabis and certainly not investing in it. Thus, pioneer entrepreneurs were staking grounds and being first to market.

After several weeks of intensive research, we’ve just uncovered the 1st major play on international expansion in the global cannabis market.

I’m personally building a long-term position with ICC International Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF).

California’s market serves 39 million people. The entire U.S. is comprised of a potential 330 million people market, but the EU (European Union), which is only in its infancy, has more than 500 million people, in total.

Couple that with South Africa, which has an additional 55 million individuals, Denmark, which is the bridge to the Netherlands, and Colombia, which has the agricultural background to accelerate production and shipments, and you’ll understand why this company is staking ground, not wasting a second, becoming the leader in frontier markets.

I spoke to the company’s CEO on numerous occasions, and they’re about to raise hell.

The killer news puts the huge seal of approval on the company’s future potential, receiving the FIRST-EVER medical cultivation license by the Greek government, which will allow the company to scale-up fast and dominate in the Southern Europe region, which is the continent’s most robust tourist destination.

We’ve turned the clock back by four years and found the debut business to enter Europe, South Africa, Colombia, and Denmark. The management team is setting its sights on further acquisitions, which will expand their reach and make the company’s asset even more valuable.

This stock just went public a couple of weeks ago, so it is completely under the radar, at this point.

Out of the gate, they already have exposure to tens of thousands of pharmacies because they are geographically diversified with the European Union and key locations throughout the planet.

Consider taking a strategic position with the only international cannabis stock out there: ICC International Cannabis (CSE: WRLD & US: KNHBF).

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