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In Canada, cannabis is already legal. In the U.S., many states have already legalized use for medical purposes, recreational purposes, or both; but in the Eurozone, a market that has a projected size of CAD$66B by 2020, the cannabis industry is like the U.S. in 2013!

ONLINE U.S. BROKERS GUIDE: Top Firms – Complete Manual

I receive many requests for guidance on finding an online broker in the U.S., and especially a broker that allows residents of the United States to buy American OTC (over-the-counter) stocks. This is an important topic because you don’t want to miss out on all of the incredible opportunities in American and Canadian small-cap companies.


The idea of working hard, staying loyal to your employer for 40 years, and retiring comfortably at age 65 is a nice thought – and it made sense in previous generations, when pension plans, Social Security, and other safety nets could be counted on to support us and reward us for all the years we contributed to the system.

TRUMP VS. POWELL: The Race to Find the Perfect Scapegoat

Watching the U.S. President and Chairman of the Federal Reserve go head to head is a highly unusual spectacle in American history.

R.I.P. MIDDLE CLASS: Elite Globalists – Enemies from Within

Day by day, we are losing the America we once knew: the land of opportunity where anyone willing to work hard and persevere could succeed.

Potential to “More Than Double”: Why Starbucks is a Favorite With This Mega-Successful Investor

It’s not every day that someone with the stature of Bill Ackman, the world-renowned investor and founder of hedge fund Pershing Square, makes a call that a stock will literally double in price. That, however, is exactly what Ackman has predicted for Starbucks (SBUX) stock shares within the next three years.

Markets Could Fall Hard in 2019 – Let This Stock be Your Safety Net

If the fourth quarter of 2018 has taught investors one thing, it’s that late-cycle bull markets aren’t necessarily an ideal time to go all-in. If anything, we should be looking at defensive plays right now: safety stocks representing solid companies with a long-standing history of providing value to shareholders.

Walgreens: Invest Today in the Pharmacy of Tomorrow

While most corporate media outlets will focus on the past struggles of Walgreens and the so-called “pharmacy wars,” there are plenty of reasons to believe in the future of this great company. In fact, I would claim that Walgreens’ acquisitions will not be an issue going forward and that WBA shares are a great bargain at under $66.

Recession-Proof Your Portfolio With This Defensive Stock

Accumulating shares of Kimberly-Clark (KMB) stock is an ideal strategy to recession-proof your investing account – and besides, you’ll be taking a stake in a hugely profitable company that’s built to last.

Look to This Insurance Giant for Secure Gains in 2019

In a world where bad things can happen at any time, we need insurance to protect ourselves from financial loss – and the same is true for investing, as our portfolios need protection from substantial losses during these volatile market conditions.

Relentless Momentum: Legal Changes Will Thrust These Stocks to All-Time Highs

Politicians will do whatever it takes to stay in office – that we know for sure. It’s hard to trust what they say, and that makes investing a real challenge. But one thing you can count on is that politicians and lawmakers will follow the will of the voters; after all, their jobs depend on it. With changing cultural attitudes and evolving governmental policy come new opportunities in the realms of business, technology, science – and investing.

History in the Making: Cannabis Decriminalized

Do you know what the fastest-growing industry of 2018 is? It’s not tech or health care, though it is related to science and medicine. It is legalized cannabis, a sector of the economy that has embarked upon a new age of decriminalization and widespread acceptance. With this acceptance come new businesses, revenues, and a chance to electrify your portfolio with a market that’s expanding every day.

The Search is Over: We Found This Year’s Highest-Grossing Stock Sector

The world’s best investors have one thing in common: when it comes to their money, they don’t waste time. Underperforming sectors of the economy don’t deserve your hard-earned investment capital; you’re better off parking your funds in the high-grossing winners that won’t deplete your financial and emotional resources. Taking strategic positions in best-performing sectors truly is the key to financial outperformance over the long run.

A Budding Industry: This Sector Will See Fantastic Gains

If you’re looking for a market sector that’s “in full bloom” in 2018, you need to read what I’m about to tell you. Bull markets come and go, but opportunities to embark on an entirely new market are rare and extremely lucrative. Think of Microsoft at the beginning of the advent of home computers, or Netflix in the early stages of streaming: fantastic yield came to investors who took a position before the masses rushed in.

Crash Blueprint: Preparation, Execution, Aftermath

There’s a severe problem with today’s monetary system, and it originates with the flawed view that government-issued debt currency can act as a stable means of exchange and value. Dollars, euros, yens, and pounds are, in essence, without worth, except for the perceived value attached to them by uneducated masses. Nonetheless, at some point they all return to ZERO. All investors and savers need a plan that accounts for the option of a complete system reset: a master plan.

Wealth Formula: Financial Independence Plan of Attack

Our world is changing fast, and the opportunities it provides to live a great life are real. You can grab them in both hands and enjoy wealth every day for the rest of your life.